2015 Winter Lecture Series
Clinton Academy, 1784

2015 Winter Lecture Series

The last Friday of January, February, March, and April at 7 p.m. at Clinton Academy, 151 Main Street, East Hampton Village. Refreshments are served before each lecture. There is no admission fee.

2015 Winter Lecture Series:

"Exercise & Entertainments:

Bygone Recreation in East Hampton"

When:  Last Friday of January, February, March, and April

Where:  Clinton Academy Museum, 151 Main Street, East Hampton

Clinton Academy, 1784

"Team Spirit: East Hampton High School's Athletic Hall of Fame"

Friday, 27 March, 7 p.m.

Ken Collum and James Brooks will examine the athletic highlights of East Hampton's famous teams and players from the past.

Their PowerPoint presentation will include some rare photographs from both public and private collections.

Clinton Academy, 1784

"Day or Sleep-Away: Summer Camps"

Friday, 24 April, 7 p.m.

Leah Koncelik Lebec, who grew up in East Hampton, will talk about its summer camps, including Fireplace Lodge and Camp Blue Bay.